A Brief Overview of BenefitNet

BenefitNet is a truly unique online platform that offers insurers, insurance brokers, employers, and employees a fully integrated, comprehensive benefits administration solution. We have created an online tool that essentially simplifies the entire benefits life cycle for all involved.

Our user-friendly product is designed in such a way that it automates multiplex and complex workflows related to census and claims management for benefits in an incredibly intelligible way. Simple to use and easy to navigate, the best part about it is that it’s all in one place.

Using our state of the art data exchange gateway, BenefitNet is fully capable of integrating with other systems, including various external HR applications and core insurer systems.

We streamline the employee benefits administration process, which effectively allows insurers and brokers to monitor and meet client service level agreements.  Managing and maintaining multiple spreadsheets is a thing of the past. This effectively leads to increased satisfaction levels and higher client retention rates.

BenefitNet provides you full control over policy documents and claims guides, also allowing you to easily add, remove or amend beneficiary details, at any given moment, all in one place.

Key Features:

Policy Management

Easily set up and track employee benefits. Store your policy documents, claim forms and key information in one place – with shared access for you and your employees.

Census Control

Automates time-consuming and complex administrative procedures such as member additions, deletions, movements, and changes in cover. BenefitNet provides a holistic view of up-to-date data which reduces the confusion and manual maintenance of multiple spreadsheets.

Claims Tracking

Allows both you and your employees to track the progress of reimbursement claims. Upload receipts and medical reports, follow updates from the insurer as they arrive, and receive regular email notification updates until the claim is paid and settled.

Employee Access

Give employees access to voluntary and top-up benefits. BenefitNet allows employees to update their details and their dependents, with an automated approval request sent to your inbox. Display the true value of your employee benefits scheme via a Total Reward Statement. Instantly communicate anything you wish to your employees via the system.

HR Tools

Track your employees’ annual and sick leave through BenefitNet’s HR portal. Plan in advance with a company calendar and understand your liabilities through a built-in End-of-Service Gratuity calculator. 

Assisted by a fully responsive support team, BenefitNet really is the ultimate solution for taking an all-encompassing command over the entire benefits administration process.