Please find below a step by step guide on how to Transfer an Employee or Family:

Member Transfer

Firstly you must search for the Employee or Family you wish to transfer. 

When on the home screen, click on ‘Members’ module in the navigation menu on the left. 

You will be directed to a member search page as per the screenshot below.

Member Search Page contains filters which allow you to easily find the employee which you require to transfer:

  • Client
  • Policy
  • Category
  • Member Status
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Employee Number
  • BenefitNet ID
  • File Number

For example, let’s search using the member name Tommy Jones. Once you have completed the member search fields as per below, click the ‘search’ button.

Open the Member Profile by clicking on the Member Name or the View button as illustrated above.

Member Profile Page will be displayed and click on the green "Transfer" button to begin the Transfer process.

Member Transfer page below will be displayed.

STEP 1: Select Transfer Type

There are various types of Transfer that you can perform for a Member or Family such as :

1. Change of Subgroup - Transfer the Member/Family into a new branch or subgroup company, policy and category.

2. Change of Policy - Transfer the Member/Family into a new policy within the same company.

3. Change of Category - Transfer the Member/Family or Dependents only into a different category. (upgrades or downgrades)

First of all specify the Transfer type you wish to perform using the drop-list provided as illustrated below.

"Is Incomplete" function

The "Is incomplete" function will be used for cases where you do not have access to the destination Subgroup or Policy or Category where the Member requires to be transferred.

By selecting this checkbox the system will allow you submit an Incomplete Transfer to your colleague HR in the Subgroup Branch with access for the destination subgroup and policy.

An email notification will be submitted to your colleague HR informing them of this incomplete transfer. An Incomplete Transfer pending task will also be created to allow them to complete the missing information (Specify the Policy, Category, Effective Date etc.) via the Pending Tasks and submit the completed transfer to the Insurer.

STEP 2: Select Action, New Policy, New Category

(A) Action

Various actions can be performed in scope of the Transfer process.

1. Transfer - Specify this action to transfer the Member.

2. Delete - Specify this action if a member requires to be deleted and not transferred, (Example - Dependents not being transferred to new subgroup with Employee so require to be deleted)

3. Don't Transfer - Specify this action if you wish to keep the member in the existing Policy. Note this option is only available for Change Policy Transfer Type and can be used in situations where you have an Employee with a Medical & Life policy however you wish to transfer the Employee to a new Medical Policy while keeping the existing Life Policy. In this example you would specify Action = Transfer for the Medical Policy and Action = Don't Transfer for the Life Policy.

(B) New Policy

New policy is required to be selected for Change of Subgroup and Change of Policy Transfer types.

Drop-list provided will display list of Policies in the New Subgroup incase of Change of Subgroup or list of other policies in existing Company incase of Change of Policy.

For Change of Category "New Policy" does not require to be selected.

(B) New Category

New Category is required to be selected for all transfer types Change of Subgroup, Change of Policy and Change of Category.

"Add New Destination Policy" function

This function can be used if you require to add the Member into an additional policy.

Example of when this function can be used:

Employee is currently active in a Medical Policy but requires to be moved to a new subgroup and enrolled into a new Medical & Life Policy. In this case you would select the "Add New Destination Policy" - Select the Employee from the Member drop-list - Select Action Transfer - Select the life policy in the New Policy drop-list - Select the category in the New Category drop-list.

STEP 3: Handling validation errors and member documents

Upon completion of Step 2 the system will check if the member information is valid and meeting all regulatory requirements (DHA, HAAD) for the new policy where the member(s) will be transferred. Incase any member is missing regulatory information they will appear as invalid with a warning message as illustrated below.

Handling validation errors:

(A) To find out further details on the validation failure click on the link "full details of the validation failures" as highlighted in blue on the below screenshot.

(B) A pop-up will be displayed with the details on the required fields which need to be updated.

(C) Proceed by clicking on the "Edit Member Details" link as highlighted in orange below to update the relevant member information.

(D) Edit Details form will appear and the required missing information will be mentioned with a red message. Please update the missing information and click Save.

Member documents:

"Attach Existing Documents" - Select this option if you wish to attach existing member documents.

"Attach New" - Select this option if you wish to attach any new documents which will be submitted to the insurer with this transfer request. These new documents uploaded will also be saved to the documents tab of the Member Profile for future reference.

Proceed by clicking Next on the top-right hand as per illustrated below.

STEP 4: Review actions and specify effective date

System will summarize the transfer information in a grid below and inform you of the actions being taken.

Please review these actions to ensure that they are accurate.

Example below is a Change of Subgroup for an Employee with 2 Dependents.

Specify the effective date of addition for the members transfer into the new subgroup using the calendar control provided.

Specify the effective date of deletion for the members deletion from the old subgroup using the calendar control provided.

STEP 5: Comments, COC, Notify Member and Membership Cards

(A) Comments - Specify any comments that you would like to submit with this transfer request to the insurer.

(B) Continuity Certificate(s) - Select the checkbox if you also would like to request for a COC for these members with this transfer request from the insurer.

(C) Member Notification - Select Notify Member if you would like to inform the Employee of this transfer request via automated email notification. Otherwise, select Don't Notify Member.

(D) Membership Card(s) - Depending on your insurer you may have to return the membership cards of the members. This prompt will only appear in cases where your insurer requires the medical membership cards returned. Select the checkbox in order to proceed and ensure that you have uploaded and scanned copies of the destroyed cards if necessary.

Proceed to click Submit on the top right hand corner of the screen as highlighted in green on the screenshot above.

Your transfer request will be submitted directly to the insurer via automated email notification.

Proceed using the action buttons or breadcrumbs for easy navigation.