Upon creation of your HR user account by the system administrator you will receive the below activation email notification.

STEP 1: Create Password

Click on the Activate Account link in the email as illustrated above. You will be redirected to the below page to create and configure your password.

STEP 2: Activate Account

Create your password in the password field above. 

Please ensure that you follow the password guidelines and rules for security purposes:

1. Minimum of 8 characters

2. At least one lower case latin character

3. At least one upper case latin character

4. At least one number

5. At least one symbol

If you have inputted an invalid password which does not conform to the guidelines the system will continue to prompt as per the below screenshot and will disappear only upon a valid password being inputted:

Confirm your password and proceed to Activate your account by clicking "Activate Account

Your HR account has been activated and the below page will be displayed.

You can proceed to login to the BenefitNet Portal either by clicking the Sign In link or the "Proceed to BenefitNet Portal" as illustrated above.

You will be redirected to the below Login Page where you can login using your HR credentials.

Input your username (which will be your email address) and the password you have created in Step 1 above should be inputted to login to the portal.